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“Our ‘live-work-play-learn’ development concept has served us well in the past two decades, allowing us to offer not just homes and amenities, but completely designed and fully integrated townships that fulfill the needs of its residents and more.” – Andrew L. Tan, Chairman and President.

Uptown Bonifacio is the Company’s newest addition to its repertoire of township developments. Megaworld continuously innovates through the years in the real estate industry to be able to develop the most valuable projects and keep its reputation as the leading residential condominium developer and BPO office space provider in the country.

Megaworld’s communities have always been regarded as some of the most well-planned, well-designed and well-developed in the country. Providing the very essence of “The Good Life”, Megaworld’s integrated townships provide not only the comfort and convenience that residents need but also additional perks that make living highly enjoyable as well. It is no wonder that Megaworld has earned the distinction of being the country’s leading residential condominium developer on top of being the country’s top BPO office developer and landlord. (www.uptownbonifacio.com)

Discover uptown living in the NEW emerging CBD of choice with our first-class residential condominiums


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  1. Hi, could you provide me with information regarding this project:
    1. Price list and payment terms
    2. Available units
    3. Floor plan, and unit layout.

    Thanks so much,
    Kenny Huah

  2. Hi, may I request for a price list and sample computation for the 1 unit bedroom (33 and 36 sq.m.) and its layout. My email address is mngt13@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    Iris Rivera

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